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Month: December 2019

Residential Waste Collection

Residential Waste Collection

The current residential waste contract with Mr. Darcy Limpert expires Dec 31, 2019.   As a result, administration prepared and advertised a Request for Proposal for the provision of the the following: residential waste collection residential recycling collection...
New Branding

New Branding

Cactus Corridor Economic Development Corporation retained 13Ways Inc to complete a Strategic/Tactical plan as a result of the region’s transition away from coal.   One of the things that came up in the many discussions that were held  was for to Council to...
2020 Budget Approved

2020 Budget Approved

Administration, with Council’s direction has presented the 2020-2022 Operating Budget and the 2020-2024 Capital Budget.  All anticipated revenues and expenditures for the three year period have been included.  During the preparation of the draft budget the...

Snow Removal

Hanna has over 43 km of streets, avenues, back lanes and perimeter roads.  Some streets are cleared by moving the snow to the sides of the street and putting it on the boulevard, but vehicles parked on the streets and in areas that need to be cleared increase the time...