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Adopt A Tree Program

The Town of Hanna believes that the trees are an important part of a community and should be protected.  There are many benefits of trees in urban landscapes, including:

  • improve air and water quality
  • reduce erosion
  • beautify the landscape
  • provide habitat for many varieties of birds and insects
  • damper noise and dust levels
  • provide shade
  • increase the value of property

In order to support and enhance Hanna’s tree inventory, some resources have been created to assist property owners to ensure the care and maintenance of trees for the enjoyment of present and future generations  It is important to note that the tree bylaw found below, states that no person can prune, remove or plant a tree on public property without authorization.  Property owners are responsible for maintaining their boulevards.  It is equally important to make note of the Adopt-a-Tree program.  This program is available to recognize or celebrate the life of a loved one or special event.  Trees are planted by Town Staff within Hanna’s parks, boulevards, cemetery and green spaces.

Finally, the Tree Planting, Maintenance and Protection Manual serves to support the Public Tree Bylaw #996-2018 and provide information for property owners to ensure the care and maintenance of trees.

Tree Planting Manual

This manual supports bylaw #996-2018 the Public Tree Bylaw and provides information for property owners to ensure the care and maintenance of trees.

Adopt A Tree Policy

This policy allows approved trees to be purchased at the request of any person wishing to recognize a loved one, celebrate an event, recognize a business or enhance the community.

Public Tree Bylaw

Regulates the planing, maintenance and removal of trees located on Town property.

In Memory Of:  Donated By:  Tree Location:  Tree Type 
Trees Donated in 2019
Sandra Beaudoin Canalta Boulevard Top Gun Bur Oak x 2
Foothills Green Ash
True North
Past Hanna Pioneers Sandra Beaudoin Canalta Boulevard Top Gun Bur Oak
Haessel Family  Juliette Haessel Canalta Boulevard  Top Gun Bur Oak
Canalta Real Estate Services Canalta Boulevard Foothills Green Ash
Patmore Green Ash
Walter Viste Scott & Crista Viste Fox Lake Trail Walking Path Bur Oak
Karen Barker Haessel, Gutsche, Bish & Kroetsch Families Museum Bur Oak
Trees Donated in 2018
In memory of Hanna Young Lions Club Members who have fallen. Hanna Young Lions Walking Trails Bur Oak x 2
Sundancer Poplar x 2
Brandon Elm
Jim Foster Dianne Foster Hector King-Hunter Park Bur Oak
 Trees Donated Prior to 2018
Fox Lake Memory Forest  Red Hat Sophisticates Fox Lake Park
Dee Moench Mountain Ash
Colleen Wright Towering Aspen
Ryan Savary Mountain Ash
Debbie Lenfesty Weeping Willow &
Towering Aspen

Front Row Centre


Are you interested in bringing performing arts to our community? Do you enjoy being involved in organizing and working with a variety of talented artists from Alberta and across Canada?

Why not join the Hanna Front Row Centre Arts Council?

Contact Mike Hart at 403-854-0369, Peggy Rehill 403-854-0068, Angela Warwick 403-854-0053 , Fran O’Harrow, Heather Warwick or Gwen Snell Town of Hanna 403-854-4433 for more information.

Get involved to bring the arts and artistic opportunities to Hanna and area.


Memorial Bench Program