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Apex Schedule Sept 7-13

September 5, 2023

Apex Utilities (formerly AltaGas) has informed the Town of Hanna that Neuterra Ventures Inc. has been contracted to do work on the gas lines in Hanna. Some alleys in town will be temporarily impacted by the use of heavy equipment and construction workers.

Things to Note:

  • Sept 7 to Sept 13 will impact Areas 20-22.
  • Alley access may be restricted during this time.
  • Work is broken down into Areas as seen in the maps.
  • The project consists of 2 phases. This is phase 1.
  • There will be no loss of service.
  • There will be minimal impact on residents and businesses.

Stay Informed:

  • Sign up for the Town e-newsletter. The signup is found at the bottom of every page on our website. If you need assistance, contact the Town Office.
  • Visit to read the most current notice.
  • Sign up for SMS Notifications at The Town text message notification system MAY be used, more for phase 2.
  • Check your front door for correspondence from Neuterra.


  • Neuterra Main Office for questions or concerns (780) 402-3556.
  • Apex Utilities Customer Care 1-866-222-2067
  • Apex Utilities 24-hour Emergency Line 1-866-222-2068

Schedule and Locations:

Sept 7-13 will be Areas 20-22
Click to enlarge.

Sept 14-19 will be Areas 23-29
Click to enlarge.

Map of the full Town showing the scope of the project. Click to enlarge.