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Commemorative Bench Donations

Family members, wishing to donate memorial benches in the cemetery or in parks are provided with some guidelines to make their decisions easier.  The Town of Hanna provides commercial quality within the parks,  green space areas and walking trails.  Commemorative benches may recognize the life of a loved one or celebrate an event in the community.

Two styles and three choices of color – deep brown, dark green or black.

Each bench will be secured on a concrete pad to prevent them from being moved once they are placed.  They are high quality powder-coated metal with platisol covering.  They are 6′ in length with arms on each end of the bench and include a 4″ x 6″ brushed stainless steel memorial plaque in the center of the back rest.

The donation required to purchase either style of bench is $1,500 which includes the bench, freight and installation.  Delivery is approximately 4 weeks.The engraving on the plaque is the responsibility of the donor.  The Town of Hanna is pleased to provide maintenance and repairs to the commemorative bench for at least 15 years, however if the bench falls into disrepair or becomes a safety hazard after 15 years, it may be removed from service.  These benches have a five year manufacturer’s warranty and because they are commercial grade, it is expected that the lifespan of the bench will exceed 15 years. The Town of Hanna has several of these products in the parks and green spaces and have fond that they are durable and long lasting.

For more information or details, please review the Policy, approved in December 2014 regarding the Donation of Commemorative Benches. 

Commemorative Bench Policy

Outlines the method for requesting a memorial bench.