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Calling All Angels

December 7, 2022

Snow Angels are anonymous samaritans who offer to clear winter sidewalks for those who are unable to in exchange for a wave and a thank-you.

Keep a look out for the neighbor that can’t remove their snow, including those who are mobility restricted and might be considered “shut-in”.

If you are able, consider making it your goal to see their sidewalks and driveways cleared. Besides putting a smile on their faces and providing a sense of relief, you will be seeing to their personal safety.

Hanna Cares welcomes volunteers so when someone calls in need of assistance, it can be coordinated. Individuals or groups can volunteer for Hanna Cares by signing up at or by calling the Town Office (403) 854-4433.

 This is a volunteer service and can only be provided when volunteers are available. There is no charge, nor expectation of payment.

Sidewalks Matter

As winter settles in, please ensure your sidewalks are clear of ice and snow. Bylaw 947-2007 states that sidewalks are to be clear of snow and ice within 24 hours of a snowfall ending.

If using snow blowers, shovels, or other equipment, please ensure it is designed for use on sidewalks. Using off-road vehicles on sidewalks is strongly discouraged because equipment this size can damage sidewalks and water shut-off valves.

Snow is required to be placed on your property or hauled away. It is illegal to place snow on town streets or town property. Snow piled on the streets and crosswalks can become a hazare to vehicles, equipment and pedestrians

BYLAW 947-2009

Placing power cords across a sidewalk at ground level to plug in a vehicle is strictly prohibited and dangerous to pedestrians. Cords can be placed above the sidewalk at a minimum height of 2.5m.