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Chief Administrative Officer

The Chief Administrators’ office operates much like an executive office in a corporation, overseeing the broad requirements of the organization. Reporting to Council, the CAO provides corporate leadership to support Council’s vision for the community. He or she advises Council, making recommendations on a broad range of policy, fiscal, organizational, service and administrative issues.

The CAO is responsible for ensuring administrative policies are followed and oversees the municipal budgeting process. He/she attends all Council meetings and is responsible for the execution of its decisions, the decisions of Council-appointed boards and committees and oversees the management of all departments.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Ensures Council’s directives are carried out
  • Guides the municipality and advises Council in the management of all fiscal, organizational and service challenges
  • Accountable to Council for the policy, direction and service/program delivery of all departments
  • Guides the Senior Leadership Team.

Kim Neill

Chief Administrative Officer