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Child & Youth Resources

Tools for Schools

Each fall, just prior to the start of each school year, Tools for Schools provides supplies to students who are financially disadvantaged. The Town of Hanna F.C.S.S. works with the Family Resource Worker at J.C. Charyk School. Supplies are provided based on a confidential review of needs. Parents can contact their Family Resource Worker to inquire if their child might qualify. Call J.C. Charyk School, 403-854-4874.

Wake Student Exchange

Travel Opportunity! Students in Grades 9 – 12, get your application together and submitted to be considered for the opportunity to travel to Japan.

The Hanna/Wake Student Exchange Program will be offered again this year due to the efforts of officials in Wake, Japan and the Town of Hanna as well as support from volunteers.

The student exchange program began between Hanna and Wake in 1991 and continued until 2002.  The program was revitalized in 2014 and since then, seven students have been able to travel to Japan during the month of August.  Students from Wake enjoyed Hanna hospitality for two weeks in July staying with host families.

Students selected for participation in the program will be responsible to cover 50% of their travel costs.

Homestay families are also required.  We will be looking for host families for a period of approximately 2 weeks towards the end of July/early August.  Host families are encouraged to commit to the program early. The earlier the Host families are identified, the more support and information can be provided to ensure success for both the exchange students and Host families.  

Both Wake, Japan and Hanna, Alberta select their student representatives each spring to take part in this international friendship program.