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April 3, 2020

Electronic Newsletter

The Town of Hanna has launched an electronic newsletter.  This is one more communication tool that people can subscribe to and receive updates from the Town of Hanna.  Even though the email newsletter was in progress, it wasn’t ready to be launched.  This unprecedented crisis we have found ourselves in relies heavily on communication so the decision was made to roll the electronic newsletter out ahead of schedule.  There will be glitches and at times it may look rather ugly, but we will ensure that the information it contains is accurate and timely.

You can subscribe by scrolling to the bottom of this page and entering your name and email.  You may receive updates a few times a week until things settle down a bit with COVID-19.  If you do not receive an email within 48 hours, please check your spam filters and white lists before contacting us.  If you choose to contact us about the newsletter, please email  Keep in mind, that we are overwhelmed with email right now, but we promise, we will respond.

By Phone

The Town of Hanna notification alert system is used to issue alerts in the event of an emergency or an event that may impact you. You will receive a time sensitive text message and/or phone call to your phone (you don’t get to select which you prefer, both are sent).  We recommend using your mobile phone but if you’ve provided a land line phone number, you will receive a phone call with an automated voice.

Sign up here:

Ask Dr. Fortna

Most people are aware that Dr. Fortna has been doing a weekly video update on behalf of the Medical Clinic and Hospital.  The information she shares is specific to Hanna, has been vetted by Alberta Health Services, is very relevant and timely. She has recently started taking questions from the public. If you would like to submit a question you can phone the Town Office 403-854-4433; phone the Medical Clinic 403-854-3351 or click here to submit it quicker. 

Submit Your Question:  

Traditional Methods

If none of those methods appeal to you you can always use the traditional methods.

Hanna Herald: We have weekly advertisements in the Hanna Herald. These ad’s are not as timely as the other sources because the nature of the COVID-19 crisis changes so quickly.
Website: all news and information is posted to or if you are looking for COVID-19 specific information, you can go to
Social Media: Facebook @HannaAlberta and Twitter @HannaTown although the information posted to Twitter isn’t as frequent.