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Can I Enter a COVID+ Home to Care for a Pet?

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Since the middle of March, Dr. Wendy Fortna has provided 21 video updates to Hanna & area citizens.  Further, she and the Physicians at the Hanna Medical Clinic have continued to provide medical treatment, advice, and personal assurance to their patients while staying current on COVID disease.

We thought you might be interested in a ‘behind-the-scenes’  look at the process of getting this video message to your inbox.  Questions that are submitted through the online form are sent confidentially and directly to Dr. Fortna.  She researches the answers, consults with her colleagues when required, and prepares her talking points.  Each week, a member of the Medical Clinic staff assists with recording.  The video is delivered to Town of Hanna staff who prepare it and provide it to Alberta Health Services for approval, at Dr. Fortna’s request.  This approval can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.   She is very cognizant of providing current and accurate information to her patients and community on behalf of her colleagues.

We are very proud of Dr. Fortna.  Every message has been on point, relevant, and approved by Alberta Health Services without question.  She received accolades from Alberta Health Services on her most recent video for conveying such a powerful message.  We know that she deserves it.

Thank you Dr. Fortna, Dr. Imarhiagbe, Dr. Hanna and Dr. Mdawe.  You and the health care staff are truly appreciated.

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