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Dr. Fortna Updates Hanna April 2

April 2, 2020

Dr. Fortna Answers Your Questions

There are so many ways to enjoy this video!  Watch Dr. Fortna on this page or go to and click on videos.  The newest video will always be at the top.  This week, Dr. Fortna answered some questions that were submitted by Hanna & area residents.  If you have a question you’d like her to answer or if you’d like to pay her a compliment, we invite you to either phone the Town Office at 403-854-4433 or submit your written question by completing this form.  Yes, you can submit more than one question, once you’ve submitted your first one, just refresh your browser and submit the next.  Submit Question Here

Once COVID Arrives, Will you Need Help?

We’ve been so fortunate that a critical COVID-19 case hasn’t presented in the Hanna Hospital.  Yet.  We are all doing a great job Social Distancing and maintaining Hand Hygiene but we’ve been told that it’s not a matter of IF, rather it’s a matter of WHEN a local citizen will be diagnosed.

Self Isolated Doesn’t Mean Alone….

Can you help someone in need?  Do you need help yourself?  Connect up on the Community Resource Connection Form at

Help yourself or help others – together we will make a difference.  All requests as well as volunteer offers are kept confidential.
For more information contact the Town Office at 403-854-4433 OR Medical Clinic at 403-854-3351 OR submit the form at the link above.  You can submit this form for anyone.  It doesn’t have to be for you.

Supported by the Town of Hanna FCSS (Family and Community Support Services)