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Feel Good February

February 19, 2021

February may be the shortest month of the year but that shouldn’t stop anyone from filling it with ideas and activities to make you and your family “Feel Good”.

With all the unknowns going on in today’s world it is critical that we all look after ourselves as well as those around us.  It might mean the difference between a great day or a terrible day.

To start off, we are offering some “Feel Good” challenge ideas for every day in the month of February and there are prizes to be won.  All you have to do is take a photo of yourself or your family member participating in one of the challenges and then upload the picture to Facebook.  Tag the Town of Hanna Facebook page by typing @HannaTown in the comment box and just like magic, you will be entered into the weekly draw for $50 and the final draw for $100.  Who’s in?

We Have Winners!

Kari Moyer has won $50 for Week Two.
Heather Pedersen
 has won $50 for Week One.
Shauna McAfee has won $50 for Week Three

** Don’t forget to enter for Week Three (ends Sun Feb 28).  Then, all names go back in the hat for the monthly draw of $100 in Hanna Bucks. **

In order to enter, you must share a photo of you or your family participating in one of the challenges or even an activity that is not on the Feb calendar.  It simply has to be something that makes you “Feel Good” in order to qualify.  Your post must be public and when you mention @HannaTown we will see it, share it and enter your name!

Week Four Feb 22 – 28

Week Three Feb 15-22

Here we are!  Week four of the February Feel Good Challenge.  Now that the weather is more reasonable, we can take in the StoryWalk that the library has put out for us.   “This is the Rink Where Jack Plays” is a great family story.  Be sure to stop at each page and discuss what’s happening.  You can find it set up and ready at the JCC Playground.

At the end of the story, you will find a QR code to scan that leads to a survey.  This survey will help the library determine how many people participate and what they would like to see in the future.

Week Three Feb 15 – 21

Week Three Feb 15-22

We are moving into Week Three of the “Feel Good” February challenge.  Fresh air is not only great for your lungs, it makes your head clearer and you feel better!  Mayor Warwick took a break to try out the new Crokicurl rink.  Maybe you’d like to?  Whatever you choose, upload your picture to Facebook, make sure it’s public and tag @HannaTown and you will be entered to win! win! win!

Week Two Feb 8 – 14

Week Two Feb 8-14

Here’s week two of the “Feel Good” February challenge.  Make time for yourself like Angela did!  Enjoy a long bubbly soak or one of the other suggested activities this week!

Week One Feb 1 – 7

Week Two Feb 8-14

And; here’s week one of the “Feel Good” February challenge.  We know you have this!

Full February Calendar

Week Two Feb 8-14

Here’s the full month if you want to clip it and post it on the bulletin board at home or at work.