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Recreational Fire Pits

April 20, 2020

The Province has instituted a fire ban in the Forest Protection Area.

Please note that the Provincial fire ban does NOT include the area within the Town of Hanna boundaries at this time.

Bylaw 902-2002 states that the Town of Hanna (Authority) prohibits open burning within the corporate limits. The Town, however does permit recreational fires as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • You must maintain a minimum of 3 feet (1m) of clearance from buildings, property lines, or combustible materials.
  • Only unpainted clean dry wood or charcoal or similar fuel may be used.
  • The fire, smoke or sparks must not create a nuisance or hazard to your neighbors or adjacent property. (The Authority is the sole judge as to whether or not a recreational fire is creating a nuisance or hazard.)
  • The person in charge of the property is responsible for all recreational fires on his/her land and shall extinguish a recreational fire immediately when requested to do so by the Authority.

While backyard recreational fire pits are still permitted to be used at this time the Town of Hanna would like to remind all residents to continue to restrict gatherings and maintain social distancing. Failure to follow the guidelines set forth by the Town and the Province may result in a fire ban being implemented.

View the Bylaw Here