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Fire Rescue Truck Arrives

December 7, 2023

Hanna Celebrates Arrival of Cutting Edge Fire Rescue Truck

The Town of Hanna is proud to announce the much-anticipated arrival of its new fire rescue truck.  Pictured are Town of Hanna and Special Areas officials along with members of the Fire Department, gathered in front of the new truck to celebrate this milestone, marking a major enhancement in the town’s emergency response capabilities.

From the initial stages of conceptual design in 2021 to the final moments of assembly, the acquisition of this welcome addition has been a collaborative effort between the Town of Hanna and Special Areas Board. The result is a vehicle that not only meets but exceeds the highest standards in modern rescue technology which will help with a more efficient emergency response time.

Hanna’s Mayor expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts that made this possible saying,

“Thanks to everyone who has invested time and effort into ensuring that we have the best resources available to keep our residents safe. This fire rescue truck represents a significant step forward in our emergency response capabilities by empowering volunteer firefighters with the latest technology and equipment.”

Mayor Danny Povaschuk

The budget for the new rescue truck and supporting equipment was $650,000.  Through a joint effort with our partner Special Areas Board, the cost was split on a 50/50 basis each responsible for $325,000. The Town of Hannas contribution was made possible through the funding received from the Province of Alberta Municipal Sustainability Initiatives Grant (MSI).

To quote the Special Areas Board Fire Chief:

Special Areas is proud to partner with the Town of Hanna on this new heavy duty rescue fire truck. We appreciate the dedication and commitment shown by our volunteer firefighters in serving their communities as first responders. Investments like this help make sure they have the tools and equipment they need when they are out there responding to calls and protecting the public.

Updating this apparatus means we can now carry all the rescue equipment when responding to incidents like motor vehicle collisions and medical calls, including hazardous material incidents. The 4WD capability on the new rescue truck means It will be able to respond in a greater variety of weather and road conditions.”

Rob Palmer, Special Areas Board Fire Chief

You will have noticed the fire department’s shiny new wheels in the recent Light Up Parade on Dec 1 and admired it as a new symbol of our community’s resilience and shared dedication to safety.

Back Row L to R; Kim Neill, CAO Town of Hanna, Rob Palmer, Fire Chief Special Areas, Jordan Christianson, Chairman Special Areas Board, David Mohl, Fire Chief Town of Hanna, Brent Olesen, Deputy Fire Chief Town of Hanna.
Front Row L to R: Sandra Murphy, Councillor Town of Hanna, Angie Warwick, Councillor Town of Hanna, Kyle Rohl, Deputy Fire Chief Special Areas, Danny Povaschuk, Mayor Town of Hanna, Shaune Kovitch, Director of Municipal Services Special Areas Board.