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Fire Department

The Hanna Fire Department is a team of approximately 28 dedicated men and women who volunteer countless hours of their time to take course, practice and respond to emergency situations in Hanna & parts of Special Areas, under the leadership of the part time Fire Chief, David Mohl. 

The fire department was established in 1912 and is currently governed by Town of Hanna Bylaw #653. It is the mission of the fire department to respond to and mitigate emergencies within the Town of Hanna and in accordance with the contractual agreements for mutual aid from surrounding municipalities and industries.

Some of the emergencies that the fire department may be asked to respond to are:

  • Incidents involving fire, including structures, grassland or vehicles
  • Entrapment of persons
  • Unplanned releases of hazardous materials-Motor vehicle incidents
  • RCMP or Medical assistance
  • It is also the aim of the Fire Department to provide for the prevention of emergencies and education of the general public to ensure their safety.

Any adult that is interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter may contact the Fire Chief or download the application form


Fire Hall & Training

Address: 405 Fox Lake Trail East
Phone Number: 403-854-4573
Emergency Phone Number: 911

 In 2009 Council determined that a new fire hall and training center was required in order to meet the needs of the Hanna Fire Department.

The dedicated men and women who volunteer countless hours of their time to train, practice and respond to emergencies in Hanna and surrounding areas have a facility that provides:

  • 10 vehicle bays to house Town and Special Areas emergency vehicles including pumpers, tankers, a personnel carrier, command truck, livestock incident response trailer, and environmental response trailer.
  • Kitchen and classroom facilities to allow for local and regional training operations and debriefing sessions
  • Adequate washroom and shower facilities for male and female firefighters.
  • Storage and workspace areas
  • A fitness room with equipment and
  • A Museum area to showcase fire department memorabilia including the 1928 LaFrance and 1960 IHC fire engines.