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Hanna RCMP Invite Residents to Join RAVE

June 22, 2023

RAVE Mobile Safety Alerts Sent Instant Safety & Criminal Activity Awareness Notifications

The Hanna RCMP is inviting residents within their policing area to join the detachment’s rapid notification system, which can provide automated notification via three methods: cell phones via text messaging, email, and voice-recording to landline.

RAVE mobile safety alerts allow the detachment to send urgent messages and other information of interest to the public instantaneously and simultaneously via these communication methods. Participants’ contact information is held securely and is not visible to other participants.

RAVE mobile safety is the Alberta RCMP’s approved community messaging system and is separate and distinct from the Alberta Emergency Alert System (AEAS). Whereas AEAS messaging does not require sign-up and automatically notifies mobile devices in a given area by sending what is known as “Intrusive Alerts” via SMS text, the RAVE mobile safety message system requires a one-time, pro-active sign-up by users, and users can discontinue their participation at any time. While AEAS is used only for the most serious emergency notifications (Amber Alerts, Active Aggressor incidents etc), RAVE mobile alerts can be used for a broader range of time-sensitive notifications of public interest.

By signing up for RAVE mobile safety notifications, users will receive notifications from the Hanna RCMP that are time-sensitive, such as road hazards and closures, “be on the lookout for” situations, and requests for public assistance in investigations. No special phone app is required, and participants do not need to have all three methods of communication available to them in order to participate. For
example, households with no cellular service can still receive the alerts via text-to-landline and email. Users can also sign up for alerts from other nearby detachments.

To participate in the program and receive RAVE alerts, sign up at the following link:

Although this sign-up method is preferred, if you do not have internet access, call the Hanna RCMP at (403)-854-3393 and provide your name and telephone numbers for manual entry.