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Infrastructure Projects for 2020

July 23, 2020

Infrastructure work has started in Hanna.

Residents will have no street access to properties in the following areas during construction as the roads will be closed to traffic. Vehicles are expected to be removed from the front street prior to road construction starting.  Adjacent areas may see increased traffic and parking along their street during times of construction.

People who travel within these areas of Town will be required to slow down, detour, and take an alternative route.

North Subdivision

This project was awarded to Rubydale Asphalt Works.  The work has begun with sidewalks being replaced. Roadwork is anticipated to begin in July or August and will include the following:

  • Stephens Crescent – core and pave.
  • SE portion of Shacker Crescent connecting to Winkler Drive – core and pave.
  • Lane to 3rd Street on Winkler Drive – Mill and Pave
  • Pioneer Trail from Highway #9 to South Municipal Road – mill and pave.
  • Construction of a gravel road connecting West Industrial Road and Roundhouse Road east of Tim Hortons.


 MSI* Capital from 2018 & 2019 $    672,391
MSI Capital from 2020 $    310,845
Federal Gas Tax from 2018 & 2019 $   430,307
Total Revenue $ 1,413,543


Infrastructure Upgrades $1,246,543
Engineering Design, Tender & Construction $167,000
Total Expenses $1,413,543

* Municipal Sustainability Initiative

2 Avenue West (400 Block)

This project was awarded to Con-Site Construction Ltd. and work is scheduled to begin Aug 4 and last approximately 31 days weather depending.

Multiple water line problems have occurred in this portion of 2 Avenue West and sewer video inspections have shown that this section of sewer line should be replaced.  Therefore, this project is to replace the water and sewer mains plus complete the road rehabilitation.

Property owners in this area will be receiving a letter with additional details regarding their water and sewer service in the coming days.


 MSI Deferred Capital* $ 432,000
MSI Additional Stimulus* 2020 $ 171,188
Federal Gas Tax 2020 $ 26,167
Total Revenue $ 629,355


Infrastructure Upgrades $538,355
Engineering Design, Tender & Construction $91,000
Total Expenses $629,355

* MSI Deferred Capital = Municipal Sustainability Initiative formerly put aside for renovations on the Community Centre.

* MSI Additional Stimulus = Alberta’s 2020 Economic Recovery Plan