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June: Land Use Bylaw Update

June 16, 2023

At their regular meeting held June 13, Hanna Town Council gave first reading to the new Land Use Bylaw 1032-2023. This motion brings the bylaw document forward so the general public can officially review, ask questions, and present concerns or express agreement with some or all of the changes.

What are the next steps in the process?

A date for a public hearing will be set at the Aug 8, 2023 meeting. The Public Hearing date will be advertised once it has been set. It was determined that holding the public hearing in July or August may not be well received by the public and those who wish to speak at the public hearing. It is anticipated that the public hearing will be held in Sept, which will give Hanna residents and businesses sufficient time to review the bylaw and prepare for the hearing.

The date will be announced once it has been decided. It is anticipated that the date may be determined at the Aug 8 Council Meeting.

How is the Land Use Bylaw approved?

Council considers the approval of a Land Use Bylaw through three readings of a bylaw. The formal public hearing is required to be held between first and second reading of the bylaw. Council can make amendments to the bylaw at second or third reading of the bylaw to address concerns heard at the public hearing.

The Land Use Bylaw comes into effect after it receives three readings however, an effective date will be chosen and written into the bylaw for transparency and clarification. It is anticipated that the bylaw come into effect Jan 1, 2024.


The following four documents were provided to Council at their June 13 meeting.

  • Land Use Bylaw 1032-2023 as given first reading by Council.
  • Attachment 1 is the “Responses to What We Heard Report” and provides detailed responses to every comment and question received. This report also provides a recommendation for if and how each concern is considered in the revised Land Use Bylaw.
  • Attachment 2 is a redline version of the revised Land Use Bylaw 1032-2023 showing the changes from the document presented at the public open house on Feb 23, 2023 (Version 1) to the document now presented for first reading (Version 2). A redline document is a form of editing that uses red ink to indicate the removal or addition of text.
  • Attachment 3 is a revised version of the proposed Telecommunications Structure Policy. This has been provided to Council for information only at this point. This policy should be adopted by Council on the same date as the third reading of the new Land Use Bylaw 1032-2023 and become effective on the same date.

Historical information regarding the Land Use Bylaw approval process can be viewed at