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Mar 21 COVID-19 Hanna Update

March 21, 2020

Don’t Flush It All: With the increase in the sale of bathroom products, it seems a fitting time to remind all citizens. Even though those wipes claim that they are “flushable” they continue to cause problems in the sewer system. Please view all the details of that article here. What Not to Flush

Dr. Fortna Addresses Clients: In case you missed it, you can watch Dr. Fortna’s message regarding the Hanna Medical Clinic at the Town Covid-19 Page.

New Video: Today, the Government of Alberta released this video. Help Prevent the Spread

Physical Distancing: We are being encouraged to use the term Physical Distancing as too many people are not understanding Social Distancing. Read more about Physical Distancing

Town Newsletter: If you haven’t signed up for the Town of Hanna newsletter, don’t delay. Town of Hanna launched this earlier than scheduled in order to help get local information to Hanna & area citizens. Sign up by scrolling to the bottom of any page found at

Smiley Face Project: Have you started to notice Smiley Faces in the windows of homes and businesses? A local initiative has begun that encourages people to put up your best smiley face. Then, when people are physical distancing, they can walk or drive around and try to find smiley faces. A little bit of sunshine in an otherwise trying time. This project has taken off and smiley faces are turning up in other towns and cities.