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Mar 23 COVID-19 Hanna Update

March 23, 2020


Most playground owners and operators rely on Mother Nature to do the cleaning.  And for the most part, Mother Nature does a good job. However, there are still plenty of germs at an outdoor playground.  Nasty germs can spread across the playground, as small hands grasp the swing chain, use the hand-grips at the monkey bars, and push off from the slide.  Studies, such as one published in the New England Journal of Medicine on March 18, show COVID-19 can live 3 days on plastic and steel.

The Town of Hanna wants to inform all users that the playground equipment in Hanna’s playgrounds is NOT  SANITIZED and the playgrounds will not be closed at this time.  In this era of social distancing, the biggest risk is not the equipment but rather it is other users spreading COVID-19 while at a public venue such as a playground or park.  So, how can we protect ourselves and our children?

  • Adult supervision
  • Thoroughly wash or sanitize hands before and after each use
  • Use a disinfecting wipe to sanitize apparatus about to be used before and after and where there are few or no other users in the pay area
  • Be kind to others and ensure to maintain your distance. (2m)
  • Find other activities to do with your family and refrain from using the playgrounds

Office Closure

Effective Tues Mar 24, the Town Office will be closed to the public.  Staff will still be working so please continue to use the phone or email.  403-854-4433 or  After hours, the phone holds voice mail so you may leave a message if you’d like your call returned and the email account is constantly monitored and forwarded accordingly.

Utility Payments

The utility bills that were mailed last week are due March 31st.  Customers can pay their utility bills in various ways.  Visiting this link will show you all of your options.  That said, Town of Hanna will try to be as compassionate as possible.   If you are facing financial difficulty due to changes in employment, you may defer your Town Utilities until a later date.  There are no penalties or late charges.