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Mayor Warwick May 2021

May 14, 2021

As Council prepares to pass their final Budget and Tax Rate Bylaw, I am pleased to say that over the first three years of our four-year term, Council has decreased the Municipal Tax generated in each of the three years.

2018 – $2,877,924
2019 – $2,873,373
2020 – $2,840,599

Council has provided direction to Administration that the municipal tax collected in 2021 be calculated to be no more than the revenue in 2020.

Maintaining the municipal tax collected while facing increasing costs of utilities, insurance, and goods has been difficult. In addition, in 2021, the Town of Hanna is required to pay $48,500 to the province for RCMP where previously there was no cost to the municipality. Unfortunately, the policing costs will continue to increase to become $150,000/year by 2024. Please note that the municipal portion of your tax bill is the portion Council can control. The Education and Acadia Foundation requisitions must be paid as submitted.

Covid-19 continues to impact the Province of Alberta and the Town of Hanna. With the restrictions announced by the Province that took effect on May 10, the Town of Hanna and Special Areas #2 did not receive as many limitations as most of the Province, but we do see our schools moved to online learning, bars & pubs are closed, and restaurants are restricted to take-out. Please keep our restaurants in mind and continue to support them and all local businesses in these difficult times.

As far as the Town of Hanna operations I am pleased to announce we will be opening Fox Lake Park & Campground on May 15 & the outdoor pool on May 22. Unfortunately, access to all indoor recreation is prohibited and as a result, Centennial Place is closed.  As the weather is getting nicer, please keep active using our outdoor amenities like the pool, golf course, tennis courts, pickleball courts, Fox Lake Park, playgrounds, walking trails, nature areas, outdoor fitness equipment at JC Charyk, parks, and sports fields.

Chris Warwick, Mayor