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November 2019

November 12, 2019

In this Mayor’s Message I wanted to inform you of some of the initiatives that your Council has been working on. Cactus Corridor Economic Development Corporation was successful receiving grant funding to develop coal community transition plans for both the Town of Hanna and Cactus Corridor region and with these funds 13Ways (led by Doug Griffiths) was retained to develop both strategic plans. Through this process there have been several initiatives identified with potential economic diversification opportunities for our region.

The Town has engaged 13Ways to assist with rebranding ourselves and creating a new image and messages for both people outside our community and those who live here. This rebranding comes complete with a new logo, new tag line, and a brand new web-site. Earlier this year 13Ways held a town hall meeting at the Legion which served as the kick-off to our Community Transition Plan process with a presentation by Doug Griffiths regarding “Embracing Change”.

Please accept this as your invitation to a State of the Union Address being held on Thursday, November 28th at 7PM at the Community Centre. At this event the highlights of the Strategic Transition Plan and how the Town plans to diversify our economy will be presented along with the unveiling of the new Town Logo.

The Provincial Budget which was released on October 24th will have a significant impact on the Town budget and the services that we provide. Council supports getting the fiscal situation of our Province under control but please note some of the Provincial cuts will challenge our community. It is estimated that the 2020 Provincial funding to our community will be reduced by approximately $100,000 from 2019 levels with more cuts planned for 2021.

Our community is at a time where there are some opportunities to capitalize on. It is important to be prepared for change as times are very different, not only in the Hanna region, but also in the province of Alberta. So, as we move into a new chapter in our history, I ask all residents to embrace what your council has been working on. As Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, has been quoted as saying “change is the only constant in life.”


Chris Warwick
Mayor, Town of Hanna