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Payment Deferrals

March 24, 2020

Council has not met to determine if or when utility, taxes or other invoices will have deferral dates but the following decisions are able to be made by administration.


Utilities refers to residential and commercial Town of Hanna utility accounts. Administration will be compassionate with customers who are now or soon will be on the disconnection list. Disconnections will not be conducted at this time however, your utility amount owing will continue to accrue.

If you are facing financial difficulty due to changes in your household income, we understand that you need to provide for your family and that necessities like groceries may have to take priority. Administration would like to advise all users that they are permitted to temporarily defer their utility payments.

If you have authorized us to auto-debit your bank account for your utility payments this can be temporarily suspended by phoning the office. 

You will continue to receive your regular utility bill so you can keep track of your accounts. There are no penalties or late charges.


There are currently no plans in place to defer or change taxes. That is not something that can be done by Administration and needs Council to ratify. However, if you are setup so that you have authorized us to auto-debit your bank account every month to make payments on your taxes you can temporarily suspend this service. In order to suspend this request, we must receive it in writing, no later than 4:00 pm Friday March 27. Please include your name and the address of the property or properties you are asking to suspend and email to

At this point, all penalties and deadlines related to property taxes are still in force and if you choose to defer your payments, any taxes owing August 31 will receive penalties.


Garbage pickup remains on schedule. 
If you require clarification or have questions, please phone 403 854 4433 or email The Town Office door is locked to the public however staff continue to work daily.