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The Town of Hanna’s Public Works Department delivers specific core services within the community.

Public Works Professionals help maintain Hanna’s strength by working together to provide an infrastructure of services in transportation, water, wastewater, stormwater treatment, emergency management, first response, solid waste, and right-of-way management. Public Works collaborates with all stakeholders in capital projects, infrastructure solutions, and quality of life services.

In 2014, Town Council approved funding, in the amount of $63,000 to have an Infrastructure Management Study Completed.  The infrastructure priority listing in the study identifies $11.7 million in required upgrades which should be completed within a ten-year time.  This reflects an average cost of just under $1.2 million per year.  Currently, the practice of the Town has been to commit approximately $1.0 million to infrastructure upgrades every three years.  This is an alarming situation but not unique to Hanna as virtually every municipality in North America finds itself in a similar situation.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Maintain the Town’s fleet of vehicles and equipment
  • Maintainence of streets, roads and pedestrian and traffic control devices.
  • Airport
  • Water & wastewater
  • Snow Removal

The Town contracts out garbage and recycling, larger utility repairs and specific road or other infrastructure maintenance projects which are managed through the Public Works Department.

Total Area of Municipality (Hectares) 831.15
Open Roads Maintained  (Km) 48.63
Water Main Lengths (Km) 39.34
Water Main Lengths (Km)
Wastewater Mains Length (Km) 29.11
Storm Drainage Mains Length (Km) 13.40

Brent Olesen

Director of Public Works


Snow Removal

Hanna has over 43 km of streets, avenues, back lanes and perimeter roads.  Some streets are cleared by moving the snow to the sides of the street and putting it on the boulevard, but vehicles parked on the streets and in areas that need to be cleared increase the time it takes.  Also, the grader blade is not as wide as the streets so several passes are required.  A majority of the streets do not have boulevards and require extra time and resources to clear the snow.  As the snow needs to be hauled to an off-site snow dump location.

As a general rule, after heavy snow falls, the snow is cleared from the streets in the following order:

  • Emergency vehicle access routes
  • Collector streets – Palliser Trail, Fox Lake Trail, Pioneer Trail, 2nd Avenue, 3rd Street and Centre Street
  • School Bus Routes – 7th Avenue and the streets around both schools
  • Airport
  • Residential streets & avenues
  • Cul-de-sacs and crescents.

While this is very typical, sometimes continual snowfall or ease of access can change the plans.


Who is responsible for cleaning snow and ice from Hanna sidewalks?

Under Bylaw pdf947-2009, the owner or occupant of any property adjacent to a sidewalk is deemed responsible for the removal of ice and snow from that portion of the sidewalk within 24 hours after the ice or snow has been deposited.

In order to conduct its operations in a timely and cost effective manner, the Town keeps an inventory of the sidewalks it clears, and its snow and ice control activities based on a set of criteria. The Town is also subject to Alberta’s Municipal Government Act (R.S.A. 2000 c.M-26), which required municipalities to keep roads and sidewalks in a reasonable state of repair.

Consider becoming a “Snow Angel” by helping neighbours in need, especially seniors, with snow removal in the winter. Take a few extra minutes when shovelling your own sidewalk to shovel a neighbour’s sidewalk and to keep them clear, ice-free and safe.


Can property owners be fined for failing to remove snow and ice from a sidewalk?

Yes, property owners can be fined for failing to remove snow and ice from a sidewalk. If a property owner or occupant does not remove snow and ice from a sidewalk adjacent to their property within 24 hours of a snowfall, the Town of Hanna Services may issue a warning notice directing the property owner or occupant to clear the sidewalk within a certain period of time. If the sidewalk is not cleared within that time, the Town may have the snow and ice removed from the sidewalk at the property owner’s expense. Actual costs vary depending on the length of the sidewalk and the amount of ice and snow to be removed. The Bylaw officer typically acts on snow and ice removal concerns on a complaint basis.

What if I am away on vacation when the snow falls?

It is your responsibility to maintain your property, even if you are away. You can ask a friend or neighbour or hire a company to do the work for you while gone. The bylaw will still be enforced regardless of whether the property owner is home or not.


What if I have tenants living in my property?

The property owner is responsible for all charges incurred for failing to maintain your property, even if you don’t live there. You can hire a company or require your tenant to do the work, but it is still your responsibility to make sure that the work is done. Bylaw services will still enforce the bylaw regardless if the property owner is residing at the location or not.


Who can I contact with questions or concerns, including reporting of bylaw infractions or a warning notice issued in error?

Contact the Town Office or complete and submit the Bylaw Complaint Form.