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Stairway to Hell with Mayor Warwick

April 12, 2021

We are currently in the biggest disruption in the energy industry in living memory. How we produce energy, how we transport it, put it to work, it’s all being disrupted from beginning to end and by association so to is the social value we place on energy and all the things that it does to make our lives better. Disruption creates winners and losers.

Old energy, new energy, clean energy, renewables, regulations. We understand that change is inevitable but for those at the grassroots or community level, the challenge lies around the “how” of it all.

Peter Tertzakian, CBC Calgary

Tony Seskus (Producer of CBC’s Western Business Desk) has interviewed industry leaders, politicians, and the people who put food on the table working in energy.

Tony talks with three Alberta communities, to see how they are facing on-the-ground challenges and how the community adjusts to changes in the energy industry. One of these communities is Hanna and Special Areas.

Hear Mayor Chris Warwick & EDO Wanda Diakow in this podcast talk about the impact of the Alberta Climate Leadership Plan, business attraction, economic uncertainty, and attempt to dispel the rumors regarding the Hanna area becoming a ghost town.

Don’t Forget…

To tune in for the Town Council meeting Tues. April 13. Call to order is 6:00 PM and the agenda and meeting package will be available in advance at The meeting can be viewed live by going to

Items on the agenda include:
– Presentation of the 2020 Financial Statement
– Hanna RCMP Detachment Report
– Hanna Fire Department Report
– Excavator & Trailer Capital Purchase
– Spray Park Association – Landscaping
– Dance Association – Funding Allocation Request
– Alberta Pioneers Association of Hanna & Dist. – Financial Assistance Request
– Helmer Dam Fish Habitat Suitability Study – Final Report Phase 1
– COVID-19 Update