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Snow Removal and Street Sweeping

With more than 43 km of streets and back lanes, ensuring safe and efficient traffic flow is critical. Below is a link to an interactive map, which provides the most current information.  In the spring and summer months, the map shows you the streets that are next in the queue for street sweeping. In the winter months, if snow removal is being conducted, the map will indicate that as well.

You can see areas that are complete and the streets that are marked to be completed next. This map is updated daily by 5:00 pm during the snow removal or street sweeping periods.

Green: Completed
Yellow: Coming Soon
Red: Next in the queue.

Click the button to be redirected to the map.

Priority Areas (snow)

  • Emergency vehicle access routes
  • Collector streets – Palliser Trail, Fox Lake Trail, Pioneer Trail, 2 Avenue, 3 Street and Centre Street.
  • School Bus Routes – 7 Avenue and the streets around JC Charyk and the east bus stop.
  • Airport
  • Residential streets and avenues
  • Cul-de-sacs and crescents