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Update: Drive Happiness

January 12, 2023

Providing a senior with the means to manage their mobility makes for happy passengers. You are literally driving happiness. That’s something to smile about.

Year End Dec 2022

Drive Happiness has been available in Hanna for 6 months and is proving that there is definitely a need for this type of service for Hanna and area citizens. Drive Happiness provides safe, reliable, and affordable transportation through volunteer drivers. The service offers door-to-door service to grocery stores, medical appointments, vaccination appointments or visiting with family and friends.

BUT…. In 2022, there were 22 people who weren’t able to get matched with a driver. There just aren’t enough drivers registered! Please, if you have a vehicle and are comfortable driving, you are encouraged to become a driver. You can decide your own availability and drive once a year, once a month, once a week or multiple times a day if you choose.

The following statistics are specific to Hanna’s program:

  • Number of drivers registered: 3
  • Number of riders registered: 19
  • Rides successfully completed: 18
  • Rides canceled by rider (no longer needed): 6
  • Rides not filled (no driver available): 22

Remember, staff are happy to assist volunteers with the application process or to answer any questions you may have. Just call Michele at 1-403-854-4433.

NOTE: The information below has been previously released and is provided here again as a reminder.

As of Aug 2022

  • 11 registered riders, with requests arriving weekly,
  • 3 approved drivers
  • 1 ride completed
  • 3 additional trips were requested but were unable to be completed as there was no driver available.

Most requests, so far, are for out-of-town medical appointments. Drivers with weekday availability who are comfortable navigating the city would be kept busiest, but drivers choose their own schedules and locations.

Benefits of Becoming a Driver

  • Paid an honorarium to offset vehicle costs
  • Choose your own schedule
  • Pick up a rider who needs to attend an appointment in the city and you can run errands there while waiting for them and have your travel costs covered!
  • Drive Happiness takes care of booking rides and handles all the money, all you have to do is agree to the ride and show up at the planned pick-up location.
  • Drive Happiness has additional liability insurance to protect participants should there be an accident during a ride.
  • Give back to your community by assisting a senior with their transportation needs to allow them to maintain their independence and continue residing in Hanna.

The program is flexible and there are needs at all times of day, and to both in and out of town locations. The more drivers that are registered, the more likely senior’s in need will be matched!

To apply to become a driver please visit and follow the volunteer application process.

Need A Ride?

Riders must go through an application process as well so do not delay! Eligibility includes:

  • 65+ years of age
  • able to enter and exit vehicles with limited assistance
  • able to complete an application form although assistance can be requested
  • rides need to be booked a MINIMUM of THREE FULL BUSINESS DAYS in advance
  • able to purchase tickets* in $10 increments. This ticket entitles the rider to ninety minutes of time and/or 40 km driving distance.

*NOTE: Volunteer drivers do not book rides, sell tickets or take money. This is all transacted through Drive Happiness.

Where To Begin?

Visit the transportation information page on the Town of Hanna website or go directly to the Drive Happiness website to begin your application. See these details below:


Of course, you can always contact the Town Office and ask for Michele. 1-403-854-4433.