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Bird Watching

Bird watching is easy, fun, inexpensive, healthy and satisfying. 

The Harvest Sky Region is known for excellent bird watching. Situated within the Canadian Badlands, Hanna claims bodies of water that along with the prairie grasslands provide un-crowded natural landscapes where you can view a variety of bird species.

Whether you caught the bird-watching bug long ago or are new to the activity, you’ll appreciate the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that can be found in Hanna.

The birds common to our area include the boreal chickadee, hummingbird, and song sparrow. Less common but sighted in the area are the ferruginous hawk, piping plover, and Sprague’s pipit.

If you appreciate rare sightings, you might just catch a glimpse of a bald eagle, burrowing owl or a belted kingfisher while searching for a cliff swallow, ruddy duck, or a spotted sandpiper.  

A fun family event is to download our Bird Watching brochure and make a game of trying to find each species in the area