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In an effort to support the affected businesses, the Town of Hanna has offered to assist with getting informational and promotional messages to their customers. Please subscribe to the electronic newsletter.

Special Areas Office

212 2 Ave West
Dedicated parking is available at the rear of the office. Visitors are asked to use the main entrance off 2 Ave. Pedestrian access will be maintained with temporary sidewalks.

Please remember the online payment options available.

Project Updates

Jun 11, 2024

The week will focus on ensuring all affected businesses have temporary water. Equipment will begin to move in and the block will be closed. Brooks Asphalt will begin to remove the pavement next week. *All updates provided are subject to change.

Jun 3, 2024

Construction is scheduled to start Monday June 10, 2024. Phase 1 of the project encompasses the 200 block of 2nd Avenue West. Specifically, 2nd Ave West from the 4-way stop at the Dental Clinic to 3 Street West at  ATB and the Town Office.

Traffic will be rerouted for approximately 6-8 weeks. Parking is still available on the side-streets and in the Town parking lot behind the Library. Pedestrian access will be maintained with temporary boardwalk sidewalks. Residents are encouraged to continue to support the businesses along the construction area(s).

Jan 2024

The Town of Hanna in collaboration with MPE Engineering is actively engaged in rejuvenating the municipal infrastructure along 2 Avenue West. Businesses within the project area have received an information package aimed at soliciting feedback and mitigating disruptions to the extent possible.

This initiative encompasses the removal and replacement of the road surface, streetlights, underground water and sewer pipes, as well as the sidewalks extending up to each building. The final roadwork design will incorporate concrete bump-outs at intersections, enhancing pedestrian safety and visual aesthetics.

The public engagement process, managed by 818 Studios Inc., has involved various methods to include residents. Additionally, ongoing consultations with Town Council members have led to modifications aligning the design more closely with the Town’s vision for 2 Avenue.

The project has received funding and went to tender in early 2024. A tender from Brooks Ashphalt was approved and the project is scheduled to begin Jun 10, 2024. During construction, temporary boardwalks may be installed for sidewalk replacement and streetlight cable installation, ensuring access to businesses. However, due to the nature of the work, automotive traffic will be diverted. The work will involve one block at a time. The Town is committed to collaborating closely with businesses to minimize disruptions. Before construction, the project contractor will meet with each business to discuss temporary access and water servicing plans.


2 Avenue. 2 Street West to 1 Street West.

2 Avenue. 1 Street West to Centre Street West.

2 Avenue. Centre Street to 1 Street East.

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