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Economic Base

Economic Base

Hanna (2016 pop 2,559) is the agricultural service centre for a trading area population estimated at over 10,000 people. The Hanna trading area includes areas east along Highway 9 to the Saskatchewan border, south to the Red Deer River, north to the Halkirk area and west to Drumheller.

Other major industry in the area includes electricity generation (ATCO Electric), mining (Sherritt Intl. –  Sheerness Mines), and oil & gas. The major industrial facility includes the Sheerness Generating Station.

Natural resources in the area include thermal coal, clay, sand/gravel, oil, natural gas, and bentonite.



Hanna has a vibrant business community, well-known for its large agricultural sector. The town is an agricultural service center for a trading are population of over 12,000 people, including areas east along Highway 9 to the Saskatchewan border, south to the Red Deer River, north to the Halkirk area and west to Drumheller.

Agricultural products produced in Hanna include, wheat, barley, rye, tame hay, oats, flax, canola, beef cattle, hogs, poultry, sheep and lamb.

The average annual growth rate for the agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting industry in Hanna from 2001 to 2006 was -0.6%, below the towns’ industry average of 1.9%.

As an agricultural center, Hanna is home to: Cervus, UFA Farm Supply, the Agricultural Financial Services Corporation, Hanna Building Supplies and Fox Lake Agro Service.


 Oil & Gas

The emergence of oil and gas activity and the construction of a coal-powered electricity generating station in the area have had a huge beneficial impact on the town, diversifying its economic base.

The oil and gas industry is now a major contributor to the Hanna’s economy, and the town is home to a number of businesses relating to energy extraction, as well as businesses in the service sector.

A number of businesses related to energy extraction exist in Hanna, as well as businesses that service the sector: – Bonavista Petroleum Ltd. – Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (head offices) – Conoco Phillips Canada – Enerplus – EOG Resources Inc. – Exlco Oilfield Service – Kargs Oilfield Services – KellAlta Fencing Oilfield Services – Quinns Big Country Oilfield Services Ltd. – Cascade Controls Ltd. – SIG Contracting – Tranco


Manufacturing & Fabrication

While Hanna has traditionally been known for its large agricultural sector, other major industries operating in the town include electricity generation, mining and oil and gas. The town is home to Sheerness Generating Station, a major industrial facility, and natural resources in the area include thermal coal, clay, sand and gravel, oil, natural gas and bentonite. 

The main manufactured goods include agricultural products, manufactured homes and absorbants. Hanna’s key manufacturers include Exlco ( an oilfield stackable fence manufacturer. Other manufacturers and fabricators in the area include: Big County Construction, Blake’s Welding, Greenslades Welding, Hanna Sheet Metal & Insulation, Hanna Weldingrods, and Venture Fabrication.

The Palliser Region as a whole has a sizable manufacturing base, concentrating mostly on food products. However, the region’s manufacturing industry has registered the largest decline in number of businesses among all industries, decreasing 10.3% between 2005 and 2010.



Hanna has a strong commercial and retail sector for a town of its size.  $6.4 million in commercial and retail projects were either announced, proposed, or under construction in 2013.  Some key commercial/retail businesses in Hanna include: A&W, Super 8, The Brick, IGA, Pharmasave, MacLeods True Value Hardware, and Warwicks Home Hardware Building Centre.