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Hours for 2022 Season

Public Swimming 2022

July 4 to Aug 14
Aug 15 to Aug 28
1-5 & 7-9
1-5 & 7-8
1-5 (Family 3pm Sun) & 6:30-9
1-5 (Family 3pm Sun) & 6:30-8

Financial assistance may be available through the Community Youth Fund or KidSport Hanna. Application forms can be found at

Phone: (403) 854-3983
Address: 501 3rd Street West

    Lesson Conversion Chart

    Pool - Skills Screening For Lesson Registration

    What level should you register in? What can you do in the water? Check this out.

    Schedules for 2022

    Pool - Swimming Lesson Registration

    Please print and complete to register for swimming lessons for the 2022 season.

    Pool - Season Pass Purchase

    For 2022 season.  Please complete and submit with payment at the pool.


    Lessons are dependent upon minimum registration so all sessions will not necessarily offer all levels. Private Lessons may be available during the above session dates.  Payment methods available include Cash, Debit, Cheque, e-Transfer and Credit (fees apply)


      Bronze Medallion/Bronze Cross Combined ($270)
      Bronze Medallion is the first course required to become a lifeguard and is the prerequisite to Bronze Cross which is required to teach swimming lessons. Anyone interested in working at a pool needs to start with this course!

      Important Dates for 2022 Season


      May 2-6
      May 9-13
      May 21
      May 22
      May 23
      S1: June 6-10
      S2: June 13-17
      July 1 Canada Day
      S3: July 4-8
      S4: July 11-15
      S5: July 18-22
      S6: July 25-29
      S7: Aug 8-12


      10:00 am - 2:00 pm
      10:00 am - 2:00 pm
      2:00 pm - 7:00 pm
      2:00 pm - 7:00 pm
      2:00 pm - 7:00 pm


      Office is open for registration
      Office is open for registration
      Free Public Swimming
      Public Swim (admission fee applies)
      Public Swim (admission fee applies)
      Lessons Session 1
      Lessons Session 2
      Fun and Games for Canada Day
      Lessons Session 3
      Lessons Session 4
      Lessons Session 5
      Lessons Session 6
      Lessons Session 7
      Garth Hanlon Swim
      Final Public Swim


      How much does it cost to use the pool?


      effective Jan 2020

      6 – 17 years
      18 – 64 years
      65 + years
      Must include adult
      Aqua Fitness*
      Single Admission: $5.00 $7.00 $6.00 $15.00 $7.00
      Plunge Cards* (12 admissions): $50.00 $70.00 $60.00 n/a $70.00
      Season Pass*: $95.00 $140.00 $95.00 $245.00

      * Plunge Cards and Season passes can be used for Aqua Fitness

      Group Lessons

      Parent & Tot $40.00
      Preschool 1-3 $40.00
      Swimmer 1-3 $50.00
      Swimmer 4-6 $60.00
      Adult $70.00
      Advanced $105.00
      Bronze Medallion $175.00
      Bronze Cross $140.00
      Cross/Medallion Combined $270.00
      National Lifeguard Service Cost Recovery

       Private Lessons

      5 lessons of 30-minute length $82.50
      5 lessons of 60-minute length $154.00

      Locker rentals are $11 / season for a small and $16.50 / season for a large locker.

       Refund Policy

      Refunds are at the discretion of and must be approved by the pool manager. A full refund, less an administration fee, will be issued if the participant withdraws prior to the date of the first lesson or rental.

      Administration Fee:
      Preschool Levels:  $5.00
      Other Lessons:  $10.00
      Pool Rentals:  $20.00

      Can I rent the pool for a private event?

      Absolutely!  Please contact the pool to find out availability.  Rates are as follows:

      Youth/Family Adult
      0 – 30 people $96.80 / hour $141.90 / hour
      31 – 60 people $147.40 / hour $176.00 / hour
      61+ people $181.50 / hour $226.60 / hour
      Swim Meets $100.00 / hour


      Refund Policy

      A full refund, less $20 administration fee will be issued if the renter withdraws prior to the date of the rental.

      How can I register for swimming lessons?

      Registration begins before the pool opens. Be sure to watch the website, the Hanna Herald, social media and if you want to be notified beforehand, please sign up for our e-News.  Registration can always be accepted throughout season.

      Do I pay for my five year old child?

      No, rates begin at age 6.  

      Where do I find the schedules?

      Schedules, once they become available can be found on this page and picked up at the pool.

      Why must I be at "arms reach" with my child?

      Even though the Town of Hanna employs Lifeguards, they can’t be watching every child all the time.  Your children are ultimately safer if you are nearby to help them in the event they need it.

      My four year old swims like a fish! Way better than my 8 year old! Who decides if they can go in the pool without me? What age or skill level is used?

      According to the National Lifesaving Society, any child 8 and under needs to be accompanied by someone 12 or older and within arms reach.  Staff can administer a ‘swim test’ to assess if the child has the skills to be able to swim unassisted in the water.  If the child, who is 8 or younger is successful, they still need to be accompanied but do not need to be within arms reach.  Please consult with the pool staff for clarification.

      I would like to be able to take my 5 year old grandson to the kiddie pool to play while I read my book in the shade of the covered benches. Do I have to pay?

      Yes, you are still required to pay because you still need to be in the water within arms reach of your child.  The size and abilities of the swimmer may allow a broader use of the pools.  Lifeguards have the ability to assess the skills, abilities and comfort levels.

      Spray Park

      Located south of the Hanna pool and waterslide, the spray park is a brand new outdoor accessible space for residents of all ages to enjoy at no cost.

      Colorful water features provide fun for all ages, and include:

      • Rubberized flooring surrounds the splash pad connecting to the adjacent washrooms and shower.
      • The super splash bucket fills and tips gallons of water every two minutes disbursing into a roaring waterfall.
      • Two water tubes that shoot water
      • An umbrella with cascading water to run through or stand under
      • A leaning tower that sprays water outward using eight different nozzles
      • Water blooms that spray different levels of water from the floor
      • Jet streams that spray up to 3′ hight
      • An area designed specifically with little people in mind. The area includes a pot that fills and spills gently into trays allowing the water to cascade as well as a small gentle jet stream.
      • When not in use the water features become dormant but when someone wants to play, the features are activated with the touch of a hand.

      Construction o the Hanna Spray Park was a combined effort between a committee of dedicated resident volunteers, the Town of Hanna, Special Areas #2, and the Province of Alberta’s Community Facility Enhancement Program.

      Address: 408 3 Ave West
      Open daily in July and Aug
      9:00 am to 8:00 pm