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Street Address: 501 – 3rd Street West
Phone: (403) 854-4177
Free public skating is sponsored by the Hanna Elks and Town of Hanna.
Please consult the event calendar for public skating, shinny hockey and parent tot.  Any extra times or holiday times will be available on the calendar.

Public Skating: watch for info in the fall of 2021
Parent & Tot Skating:  
Noon Hockey:

Protocols for Arena Use

(last update Mar 24, 2021)

  • All current Alberta Health Services recommendations apply including sanitizing and health check.
  • Occupancy and seating are limited
  • A written “Return to Play” plan must be submitted
  • Use indicated entry and exit signs and follow directional arrows.
  • Please do not congregate
The Hanna Agri-Sports Complex houses both the Skating and Curling Rink which are located in the recreation block.  The Arena is beneficial for hosting larger events as it shares  common services with other facilities such as the parking lot area in conjunction with the Community Centre.
The arena is complete with four large dressing rooms, officials room, a fully modern concession area, spacious lobby and entrance, complete washroom amenities and the large bleacher seating area along the ice surface.
The regulation ice surface is utilized for various activities which include:  horse and cattle shows, rodeo, hockey, figure skating, public skating and many other events.
If you would like to take advantage of any open ice available at the Arena during the winter, please contact any of our Arena Attendants.
During summer activities at the complex make sure to enjoy RCMP Park and the playground facilities located in the same block.
Who operates the concession?

Hanna Minor Hockey holds a lease agreement with the Town of Hanna to operate the concession from October until the end of March every year.

How do I find out if there is any ice time available for a game or practise?

Inquire with arena staff or contact the Town Office.

Sometimes there is public skating added during the weekend. Why? And how do I find out?

When the minor hockey teams are out of town for games, that often leaves some time for private rentals.  If the ice doesn’t get rented, the Town will add FREE public skating.  You can find out if there are any additional weekend public skating times by phoning the arena at (403) 854-4177, view the Town of Hanna event calendar on our website, or check our Facebook page at

There is often extra public skating added during school vacation such as Christmas Break.

How can I advertise my business in the arena?

All the information you need to advertise your business, in the Hanna arena can be found in the application form.

Advertise in the Arena: 

Arena Advertising Form

Select this form if you would like to advertise in the Hanna Arena.

What is the size of the facility? Will it accommodate a large event?
Ice Surface:  185′ x 85′ 
Players Boxes:   30′ x 6′ 
Dressing Rooms:   4 rooms 15′ x 22′ Complete with showers 
Officials & First Aid:  10′ x 16′ Complete with showers
Office & Administration:   11′ x 18′
Lobby: 30′ x 40′
Men’s Washroom: 5 stalls
Ladies Washroom: 12 stalls
Concession: Fully equipped

Event Office & Additional Space: Located within the attached outdoor swimming pool offices, but convenient falso for winter use.  The lobby features a large entrance area, family change rooms and additional office area.  The office is helpful to use when hosting larger events.

How much does it cost to book the facility?

The arena is available winter or summer for various events and is used for everything from skating lessons to the annual Indoor Pro Rodeo.

The rates are set annually by Council and can be found below.  The rates are effective July 1, 2020.

Winter Rates

Public Skating Annual Sponsorship $3200.00 / season
Adults Regular $137.00 / hour
Tournaments $114.00 / hour
Off Hours $116.00 / hour
Non Local $160.00 / hour
Minor Hockey Regular $86.00 / hour
Off Hours $74.00 / hour
Non Local $125.00 / hour
Figure Skating Regular $86.00 / hour
Off Hours $74.00 / hour
Non Local $125.00 / hour
Schools/Day Care No Charge
Concession Booth $485.00 / month


Summer Rates (April 1 – Sept 30)

Non Profit or Youth Associations more than 4 hrs & large event $520.00 / day
less than 4 hours & small event $55.00 / hour
more than 4 hours & small event $$290.00 / max
Commercial or Adult Only Events more than 4 hrs & large event $635.00 / day
less than 4 hours & small event $85.00 / hour
more than 4 hours & small event $350.00 max
Commercial – Non Local $1,200.00 / day
Lobby Non-Profit – no concession No Charge
Other (less than 2 hours) $60.00 / hour
Other (more than 2 hours) $175.00 / day max
Concession Non Profit $115.00 / day
Commercial $175.00 / day
Commercial Non Local $350.00 / day

* all rates are subject to GST
** large event = major set up and take down time is required.  Includes one staff member for the event.  Usually dances, parties, show & sales.

Refund Policy

A full refund, less an administration fee, will be issued if the renter cancels 7 days prior to the date of the event.
Rentals under $500 will be charged $10.
Rentals over $500 will be charged $50.00