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Animal Control Bylaw

#808-1993.  Provides for the control of animals pursuant to the provisions of the Municipal Government Act.  Contains licensing, fees, enforcement, penalties, fanciers and more.

Barking Dog Register

Download and complete this log before presenting it to Bylaw Enforcement.

Burning Bylaw

#902-2002. To control open burning within town limits.

Business License Bylaw

#889-2000. Providing for the licensing and regulation of businesses, occupations, and properties within the Town of Hanna.

Bylaw Complaint Form

Download and complete this form before presenting to Bylaw Enforcement.

Cannabis Consumption Bylaw

#998-2018. To regulate the consumption of Cannabis.

Council Conduct Bylaw

#994-2018. To establish a code of conduct for members of Council.

Council Procedure Bylaw

#1002-2019. To govern the proceedings and the conduct of the members of Council, Council committees and other bodies established by Council.

Fireworks Bylaw

#970-2013.  To regulate:

Sale and use of fireworks
Storage and transportation of explosives or other highly flammable or dangerous matter
Use of firearms

In compliance with the Alberta Fire Code, the Safety Codes Act, and the Explosives Act.

Municipal Development Plan Vol 1

Volume 1 contains Background Studies and Issues.  It is not adopted by bylaw but was approved by Council in 2013. 

Municipal Development Plan Vol 2

Volume 2 contains the Municipal Development Plan Bylaw #968-2013 and policies.

Noise Control Bylaw

#944-2008. To provide for the regulation of noise control and special events where the type, source, or location may annoy or disturb persons working or living in places affected.  Also contains the Special Event Permit.

Public Tree Bylaw

Regulates the planing, maintenance and removal of trees located on Town property.

RCMP Motor Vehicle Collission Statement

Provided by the Hanna RCMP Detachment for local citizens thereby reducing foot traffic into the detachment.

Smoking Bylaw

#920-2005.  Regulating smoking in public facilities owned and operated by the Town of Hanna.  Named Non-Smoking Bylaw.

Tax Payment Bylaw

#1011-2020. To establish procedures for the payment of taxes by installments and the imposition of penalties on unpaid taxes.

Tax Rate Bylaw

approved June 12, 2020

Traffic Bylaw

#936-2007. To control and regulate vehicle, animal, and pedestrian traffic.

Unsightly Property and Snow Removal Bylaw

#947-2009. To regulate and abate nuisances and unsightly premises and to require timely snow removal.

Utility Bylaw

#1006-2020. To provide control for the municipal public utilities system including water, sewer, and solid waste.

Waste Bylaw

#825-1994. Providing for the collection and disposal of garbage, refuse and waste within the boundaries of the Town of Hanna.