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Your Town Your Say

Why Engage?

By sharing your knowledge and opinions, exchanging ideas, and offering feedback, you can help build Hanna and the Harvest Sky Region.

We know everyone won’t agree on everything all the time.  That’s OK – the exchange of ideas through respectful debate and conversations that can lead to real improvements in our community.

Your contribution to the development of projects, policies, programs, and services will help make sure that decision-making is well informed. This “Your Town Your Say” page on our website brings together the Town of Hanna’s engagement efforts in a single convenient place.  We have a range of ways for you to interact using tools such as surveys, quick polls, and idea boards.  You may need to sign up to join the conversation and to follow projects that may interest you.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Projects Open for Feedback

There are no projects open for feedback at this time.

Projects in Progress

2nd Avenue 4-Way Stop Request

2nd Avenue 4-Way Stop Request

The IssueCouncil received a request from a resident to change the intersection of 2 Avenue and 2 Street West from a 2-way stop to a 4-way stop intersection by placing two additional stop signs on 2 Avenue West.  This will stop the east-west traffic at this...

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