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Meet Your Elected Officials

Mayor’s Message

Mayor Povaschuk Announces 2022 Tax Rate

“I am pleased to say that we are able to continue the downward trend of collecting less property tax.”

The following shows the money collected through tax revenue over the past 5 years.

  • 2018 $2,877,924
  • 2019    $2,873,373
  • 2020    $2,840,599
  • 2021    $2,793,684
  • 2022    $2,793,640

Maintaining the municipal tax collected while facing increasing costs of utilities, insurance, fuel, and goods has been difficult but Council and Administration have constructed an operating and capital budget that will see the municipal portion of your property taxes almost identical to 2021.

Council approved the 2022 Tax Rate at their May 10 meeting.

The Residential Municipal Tax Rate remains the same and the Non-Residential Municipal Tax Rate is reduced by 1% from the 2021 tax rate. Please note that the municipal portion of your tax bill is the only portion that Council can control. The Education and Acadia Foundation requisitions for 2022 have increased.

Going forward, we need to carefully examine all options to increase reserves. The Town needs to be in a better financial position to deal with the extensive list of core infrastructure replacements that are going to be required in our future.

I have been approached by several individuals since becoming Mayor about reducing user or donating facility space. I want residents to know that the Town needs to operate like a business and those donations or reductions in revenue will end up costing taxpayers more in taxes to provide those services.  “Nothing is Free”

Remember to feel free to contact me with any concerns or issues you may have.

Danny Povaschuk, Mayor, Town of Hanna

Mayor’s Message Archive

Budget and Staff Changes

Happy New Year and all the best to you and your family. I hope that you all survived the holidays as cold as they were, and I am glad as I am writing this that the weather has warmed up significantly.

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Elected Officials

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Mayor Danny Povaschuk

Boards & Committees

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Finance & Audit
  • Personnel Committee

Hanna’s Town Council is comprised of a mayor and six councillors, who are elected by the citizens of Hanna. The Mayor and Council are responsible for developing policies and setting strategic priorities regarding the delivery of municipal services. Council, as the governing body, is responsible for making sure Town resources are allocated and used appropriately, for the benefit and protection of its citizens. Administration implements the policies set by Council for the day-to-day operations of the municipality.

The legislative function of the Town’s municipal government is mandated in the Alberta Municipal Government Act (MGA), while the Local Authorities Election Act governs the election process. Elections are held every four years on the third Monday in October.

Contact Your Elected Official

Councillor Sandra Beaudoin

Boards & Committees

  • Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Hanna in Bloom
  • Harvest Sky Regional EDC
  • Municipal Planning Commission

Councillor Gerald Campion

Boards & Committees

  • Big Country Waste Management
  • Finance & Audit Committee
  • Community Services Board
  • Henry Kroeger Water Commission
  • Red Deer River Municipal Users

Councillor Fred Crowle

Boards & Committees

  • Finance & Audit Committee
  • Fred & Freda Geuder Bursary
  • Hanna & Dist. Medical Corp.
  • Hanna/Wake Student Exchange
  • Veterans Memorial Highway

Councillor Sandra Murphy

Boards & Committees

  • Acadia Foundation
  • Hanna Library Board
  • Marigold Library Board
  • Palliser Economic Partnership
  • Personnel Committee

Councillor Kyle Olsen

Boards & Committees

  • Hanna Golf & Country Club
  • Hanna Learning Centre
  • Municipal Planning Commission
  • Palliser Municipal Services
  • Personnel Committee

Councillor Angie Warwick

Boards & Committees

  • Community Futures Meridian
  • Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Hanna/Wake Student Exchange
  • Harvest Sky Regional EDC
  • Palliser Economic Partnership