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Cemetery Arrangements

Municipal Cemetery

Address: North of Hanna on Pioneer Trail
Phone:  (403) 854-4433

You are encouraged to attend the Public Cemetery throughout the summer.  Enjoy peaceful walks, commemorative markers and the natural seasonal flora that adorn the prairie grounds.  Many of Hanna’s original settlers and founders are buried here and you may recognize names as neighborhoods, streets, buildings, or recreation facilities.

The Hanna Cemetery is owned and operated by the Town of Hanna.  Caring volunteers and loving descendants assist with maintaining the grounds.

Catholic Cemetery

Address: North of Hanna on Palliser Trail
Phone:  (403) 854-3281 (Catholic Church Office)

The Catholic Cemetery grounds are owned and maintained by the St. George’s Roman Catholic Church in Hanna. The Town Office has developed records for the cemetery, however arrangements for graves or services must be coordinated through the Church.


Can I get into the cemetery to visit a grave at any time?

Access to the Hanna Cemetery is not restricted, other than by road conditions in the winter.

How do I find the grave of someone buried in the Hanna Public Cemetery?

Contact the Town Office administration during regular working hours to obtain the location.


Are there regulations for headstones and monuments?

In the sections where a cement headstone foundation is provided, the marker must be less than 2′ in width and 5′ in length.  Grave covers are not permitted in this section. In the section without a headstone foundation, you must contact the Town Office before ordering and placing your monument.

Can I plant a tree or place a memorial item in memory of a loved one?

Trees, shrubs plants and memorial items are not to be placed on a burial plot or at the head or foot of a burial plot.  If families wish to donate a tree or provide a memorial item, they are asked to consider the Adopt-A-Tree program or the Commemorative Bench Donation available through the Town of Hanna.  Other memorial items may be considered; however they must be approved prior to placement.

How much does it cost? How many remains can be accommodated?

Plot or Niche Open & Close
Mon-Fri Off Hours
Standard Casket $300 $400 $600
Cremation $150 $100 $200
Inter Ashes in Existing Lot $100 $200
Infant Section $100 $100 $200
Columbarium (top two rows) $1,150 $75 $150
Columbarium $1,050 $75 $150

Burial plots for caskets are either 9′ x 4′ (old section) or 10′ x 5′ (newer sections).  These plots may be used for one casket and/or four cremation urns. Burial plots for cremations are 5′ x 5′ and maybe be used for up to two cremation urns. Columbarium niches are 12″ x 12″ x 16″  and can accommodate up to 2 cremations urns.

What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is an above ground structure for storing cremation urns.

What is the Field of Honour? Who can be buried there?

The Field of Honour is an area in the cemetery reserved for the burial of veterans and their spouses.  There are two Fields of Honour.  Each one is identified with a Canadian flag flying overhead.

Can family or friends open or close a grave?

Only Town of Hanna staff are authorized to open or close a grave in the Hanna cemetery. A burial permit is required. 

How big is the Municipal Cemetery?

Fifteen acres.  The Town of Hanna acquired seven acres of land in 1919 to establish a municipal cemetery. Small concrete headstones mark the graves of the men and women who settled in Hanna in the early years. A Canadian flag flies over the Field of Honour for veterans of World War I and II.

In 1964 the cemetery was expanded through the purchase of six acres of land south of the initial site. The second Field of Honour was established and a columbarium was provided for cremations. The Town has planted trees, installed benches and flower planters to provide a peaceful place for those wishing to visit the graves of their loved ones.

The Town acquired another two acres of land in 2012 to provide additional gravesites.

How is the cemetery maintained?

Perpetual maintenance is always a challenge in prairie cemeteries. Town staff try to keep up with mowing and weeding but also rely on caring volunteers and loving descendants to assist.

Family members have a role to play in keeping the cemetery.  Loved ones will find that even though staff spread grass seed on new gravesites, it often doesn’t germinate for a year or two depending on weather conditions.  Topsoil is added, the ground is leveled and the area is seeded to grass. A water tank has been placed at the cemetery for use by those who wish to water the grass.  Be sure to bring your watering can.

What else do I need to be aware of?

  • Every owner of a monument or grave cover upon any burial plot is expected to maintain it in proper repair.
  • Funeral designs, floral pieces ornaments that have become wilted or unsightly will be removed during grounds keeping.
  • Trees or bushes that have become overgrown will be removed and relocated to a more suitable area if possible.
  • Grave covers can be removed at no cost if requested by relatives of the deceased. The area will be leveled and seeded with grass.