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Nominate a Star Deadline

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Nominate a Star Deadline

The spirit of volunteerism is a cornerstone of strong communities and nowhere is this truer than in the town of Hanna, Alberta.

The Stars of Alberta Volunteer Awards have a rich history of acknowledging the selfless efforts of individuals who go above and beyond to make their communities thrive.

A Legacy of Giving Back
Barb Burgemeister and Peggy Rehill, both of whom are leaving an indelible mark on Hanna through their tireless dedication and countless acts of kindness are past recipients of this distinguished honor.

Barb, renowned for her work with the Hanna food bank, Centre Street Thrift Store, Ladies Hospital Auxiliary and community garden has been an inspiration to many, demonstrating that a single individuals’ efforts can alleviate suffering and provide hope to those in need. Similarly, Peggy Rehill’s commitment to community beautification projects, Indoor Pro Rodeo and youth mentoring showcases the profound impact volunteers can have on the lives of others.

How to Nominate
Nominating someone for the Stars of Alberta Volunteer Awards is a straightforward process. Visit the official website at to access the nomination form and guidelines.

Important Dates and Deadlines
Sept 15, 2023: Nominations close.
Dec 5, 2023: Award Ceremony.

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