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Are you thinking about starting or expanding your business in Hanna?  Good choice! We offer affordable land; low-cost infrastructure; and connectivity by road, air, and internet giving you everything you need to succeed.

Hanna is a great place for entrepreneurs and their innovative business ideas.  This section of our website is designed to provide existing and prospective businesses with information about a wide variety of programs, services and information available to start or expand your enterprise.

Hanna is a caring community of welcoming citizens. The spirit of innovation and cooperation thrives in our community, inspiring and nurturing entrepreneurs who want to make their business dreams and goals realities. Plus, we offer the advantages of small-town education, affordable living, short commutes, and safe neighborhoods.

We strive to positively influence the growth and well-being of our community, by promoting, attracting and supporting commercial and industrial development; job creation and retention; and an improved tax base, while maintaining and advancing a high quality of life for residents.

Opportunity awaits in our region.

Starting or Expanding

Starting or expanding a business is an exciting challenge and we want to help.  Our staff and councillors work closely with regional and provincial partners to keep up to date with business developments.

Developing a business plan is one of the first steps you should take. The better prepared you are to properly assess the potential risks involved the more likely you are to overcome problems when they occur. You can download a basic business plan template from this site and get help developing a business plan from the Business Hub or your financial institution.

If your business plan includes any new construction or a change in use or intensity of your existing business, you may require a development permit and/or other permits.

The Hanna Business Hub is an excellent resource for business owners. It provides support and mentorship, generates new business opportunities, and provides workspace.  Visit the Hanna Business Hub to learn more.


The main east-west route through Hanna is Highway 9, and the main north-south route is Highway 26. These highways are primary routes for both east/west and north/south trucking and transport.

Highway 36 is a high-load corridor that can accommodate heavy and oversized industrial traffic.