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Does My Pet Need a License?

We understand that from time to time pets do inadvertently get out of their owner’s yards. This can be dangerous for both the pet and innocent bystanders. License-tag identification allows for the quick and safe return of the animal – often without associated fines.

The animal control bylaw does not apply to cats.

Dogs three months or older must be licensed annually with the Town of Hanna. Pet owners are not permitted to house more than two dogs over the age of three months unless they possess a Town of Hanna Dog Fanciers License.

Your dog license could play a critical role in identifying your pet should it become lost. These tags aid the authorities in quickly identifying an animal for return to its own owner when it is found wandering the streets of our community by either Animal Control or concerned citizens.

Dog owners shall provide the Town with the following information with each application for a dog or cat license:

  • Name, street address, and telephone number of owner,
  • Name and description of the dog or cat to be licensed,
  • Proof of current rabies and other immunizations,
  • Proof of spaying or neutering if applicable, and
  • Other information as may be required with respect to the application.

In exchange, you will receive an identification tag that must always be displayed on the animal’s collar (this includes animals that have a microchip identification implant). This tag cannot be transferred to another animal.

You can purchase or renew a pet license from reception at the Town Office.

License Fees

Animal licenses are valid from January 1 – December 31 annually. If you welcome a new pet into your home partway through the calendar year, you may be able to purchase a license at a reduced fee. You are expected to apply for the license within 21 days of getting the new pet.

You are encouraged to have your animal spayed or neutered. In doing so, you can help reduce unwanted over-population, and you can take advantage of lower license fees for spayed and neutered dogs.

Type of Fee
Male or Female
Fee Amount
$ 25
Type of Fee
Sterilized Male or Female
Fee Amount
$ 15
Type of Fee
Vicious Dog License Fee
Fee Amount
Type of Fee
Replacement Dog Tag
Fee Amount
$ 5
Type of Fee
Dog Fanciers License
Fee Amount
$ 50

Rules For Pets and Owners

The Town of Hanna has Animal Control Bylaw #808 which outlines rules for pets and their owners. These rules were developed to ensure the safety and comfort of all our residents.

Following the Rules

The Animal Control Bylaw contains all the rules and regulations.

The following list is a summary of the highlights:

  • Dogs over the age of three months must be licensed.
  • Every dog must wear a collar, and the dog license tag must be attached to the collar when the dog is off the owner’s property.
  • Owners must not allow their dogs to run at large (off-leash).
  • Owners must clean up after their dogs; that is, if a dog has defecated on any public or private property (other than the owner’s property), the owner is responsible for immediately cleaning up after the dog.
  • Owners must not allow their dogs to bark or howl excessively such that it disturbs other people at any time, night or day.
  • Owners must ensure their dogs do not damage public or private property.
  • Dogs are not allowed on any school grounds, playground, or parkland area, except when the dog is participating in a recognized training or obedience school, or assisting a handicapped person.
  • The Animal Control Bylaw does not include cats.

Breaking the Rules

If you fail to obey the rules outlined in the bylaw, you could be subject to fines ranging up to $1000.

Stray and wandering dogs are captured and impounded. The Animal Control Officer will make every attempt to find the owner.  If no owner is found within a reasonable time frame the Town has several options available to deal with the animal (see Animal Control Bylaw # 808).  Animal Control works closely with the local Hanna SPCA to find homes for stray animals.

Dog Licenses come up for renewal on January 1st of each year. Notices of renewal are sent to each registered license holder at the beginning of the year as a friendly reminder. Please notify us immediately if your fur friend has crossed the rainbow bridge so we may remove you from the renewal process.

Barking Issues

Enlightened Dog owners and their neighbors know that Dogs bark! Its instinctive for dogs to warn their owners of possible threats to them or their property.

The Animal Control Bylaw #808 below states in part that dog owners shall not allow their dog(s) to  “Bark or howl in a manner so as to disturb any person day or night”

It is generally accepted that in order for barking to be in violation of the bylaw it must disturb the neighborhood and be frequent and persistent. The Town is aware that dogs naturally and rightfully bark to warn someone when they approach their owner’s property. This does not necessarily constitute habitual barking.

What to do if a Barking Problem Persists:

If you and your neighbors are plagued with a persistent barking dog problem the first step should be to tactfully approach the dog owner and make them aware of your concern. Many dog owners do not realize that their pet may be causing you an unreasonable discomfort when they are away or when they put the dog out for prolonged periods. Many people in our community work shift work so even disturbances during the day can be quite annoying.

If satisfaction is not achieved by your friendly visit or you choose not to talk directly with your neighbor then it is recommended that you complete the appropriate bylaw complaint form and noise disturbance log and submit this package at the Town Office.

Bylaw Complaints Online Form

Navigate to the online form to submit your bylaw complaint electronically.

Bylaw Complaint Form

Download and complete this form before presenting to Bylaw Enforcement at the Town Office.

Disturbance Log

This document may be used to log noise disturbances including barking dogs.