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Property Tax Sale

September 6, 2023

Notice is hereby given that under the provisions of the Municipal Government Act, the Town of Hanna will offer for sale, by public auction, in the Council Chambers, Town Office, Hanna, Alberta on Monday, September 11, 2023 at 2:00 pm the following:

Lot: 8 Block: 45 Plan: 6133AW C.of T: 97101228 2023 Assessed Value: $48,410
Lot: 17 Block: 22 Plan: 6133AW C.of T: 061304728 2023 Assessed Value: $47,560
Lot: 10-12 Block: 3 Plan: 6133AW C.of T: 181179508 & 071592352 +1 2023 Assessed Value: $48,080

The above parcel(s) will be offered for sale subject to a reserve bid and to the reservations and conditions contained in the existing certificate of title. Reserving thereout all mines and minerals.

The property(s) is being offered for sale on an “as is, where is” basis and the Town of Hanna makes no representation and gives no warranty whatsoever as to the adequacy of services, soil conditions, land use districting, building and development conditions, absence or presence of environmental contamination or the developability of the subject land for any intended use by the purchaser.

The Town of Hanna may, after the public auction, become the owner of any parcel of land that is not sold at the public auction.

Terms: 10% down payment by cash or certified cheque at the time of sale and the balance within 30 days.

Redemption may be affected by payment of all arrears of taxes and costs at any time prior to the sale.

Dated at Hanna, Alberta, Aug 28, 2023.
Kim Neill, CAO

What Does This Mean?

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) provides municipalities with the authority to enforce payment of taxes that are in arrears through the Tax Recovery Process (Sections 418-425). Taxes are in arrears if they remain unpaid after Dec 31 of the year in which they are imposed. If taxes remain in arrears for more than one year, they are placed on the Tax Arrears List submitted to the Registrar at the Land Titles Office by March 31 each year. Notice is sent to the property owner at the same time.

Once the registrar has endorsed the tax recovery notification, the owner of the parcel and anyone with an interest in the property is sent a notice from Land Titles advising that if the taxes are not paid by Mar 31 of the following year, the municipality will offer the parcel for sale at public auction.

Seven properties were placed on the Tax Recovery Arrears List in March 2022 and as of Aug. 14, 2023, there remain three with outstanding taxes that can be auctioned. The municipality must offer the property for sale at a public auction prior to Mar 2024.

Notice of the auction must be provided to the Alberta Gazette and also placed in the newspaper within a certain number of days before the sale date. The Town must also send a registered letter to the owner, advising that the property will be offered for sale at auction.

As per Section 419 of the MGA, Council must set a reserve bid that is as close as reasonably possible to the market value of the property. The 2023 assessed value will be used as the reserve bid.

The owner may pay the tax arrears, penalties, and costs at any time prior to the auction.