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Understanding Your Taxes

What is Property Tax?

The property tax that is collected by the Town each year goes to support and provide the following services:

  • Administration – Council; administrative, records, and financial management;
  • Protective services – Fire protection; bylaw enforcement and control; animal control and disaster services;
  • Transportation and Infrastructure – Construction and maintenance of sidewalks and streets, streetlights and traffic control, street cleaning and snow removal, airport maintenance, and cemetery maintenance;
  • Tourism and economic development – Harvest Sky Economic Development Corporation; operation of the Visitor Information Centre, maintenance of the website, and technology support; and
  • Recreation and culture – Maintenance of recreation facilities including parks and green spaces, and program development and support for recreation and culture, including the library, youth programs, senior programs, and wellness initiatives.

Tax Rates

Each year, Council approves the amount of expenditures required to support town services. Revenue sources other than property tax, such as sales and general revenues, grants, transfers from reserves, utility user fees, recreation, and culture user fees, and license fees are subtracted from expenditures. The balance is the amount raised through property taxation. Tax rates are established to calculate property tax and reflect the amount of tax to be paid for every dollar of assessed value.

Calculating Your Taxes

Most citizens pay tax in two major ways: 1) federal and provincial income tax that comes off your paycheque and 2) municipal property tax. Tax notices are mailed in June each year to the property owner on record. The amount on your tax notice is for taxes levied from January to December of the current year.

Your property tax notice includes three separate tax levies collected by the Town of Hanna to fund the following:

  • Total municipal levy -Municipal infrastructure, facilities, services, and programs,
  • Total school levy – Paid directly to the Province of Alberta for maintenance and development of the public school system. The amount requisitioned by Alberta Education and paid by each municipality is based on population and the tax base. All municipalities must collect and forward these funds to the province.
  • Total Acadia Foundation levy – Paid directly to the Acadia Foundation for affordable housing for senior citizens in our area.

Your taxes are calculated by multiplying your total assessment by the residential or non-residential tax rate and dividing the total by 1000. Use the formula below or visit the Property Search page to view your property taxes.

(assessment x tax rate)/1000= property taxes

2024 Tax Rate
Acadia Foundation
Designated Industrial
Total Tax Rate
Residential & Farm
13.8080 a decrease from 2023 of 0.5396
17.9507 a decrease from 2023 of 0.2067

Tax FAQ’s

How do I request a tax certificate?

Please submit an email or written request with the following information on the requested property:

    • Civic address
    • Legal description
    • Owner name

Tax certificates are $20 – include your billing address with the request. Click here for payment options and be sure to quote your invoice number.

Tax Certificates can be emailed if requested and the original will be mailed.

What will affect my tax bill?

  • Any change in your property’s annual market value assessment will result in a change to your tax assessment.
  • Council’s decision to raise, lower, or hold the amount of tax revenue needed to balance the Town’s annual budget.
  • The amount of revenue required by the Provincial Government for education purposes.
  • The amount requisitioned by the Acadia Foundation for Senior’s housing.

Why do I pay school taxes when I don't have children going to school?

Provincial legislation specifies that the funds for schools are to be collected by municipalities.  The province requisitions revenue they require from the Town and the total levy is distributed among taxpayers through their property tax bills.  People who do not own property contribute indirectly through their rental or lease agreements.

I just bought a house - do I owe the taxes?

Tax notices are sent every year to the property owner on record when the taxes are calculated. If you purchased a property and did not receive a tax notice, contact the Town Office to ensure that the taxes are paid.

How do I find out what is owing on my taxes?

Under the Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act, property owners have unlimited access to their own property information including assessments and tax information. 

We do not give out personal or tax information over the phone. Please submit a written request to order a tax certificate as per the instructions in this FAQ.

When are taxes due?

August 31 every year

How can I pay for my taxes?

A variety of payment options are available to accommodate everyone. If you find yourself getting behind, please talk to Town staff about payment plans to catch up.

What happens if I don't pay the taxes on time?

A penalty will be applied on Sept 1 on any outstanding taxes for the current year. A second penalty will be applied on Oct 1 on any outstanding taxes for the current year. Any outstanding balance on Dec 31 will receive a penalty on Jan 1 of the following year.

Taxes in arrears for more than three years will be subject to Tax Recovery and offered for sale by the Municipality in accordance with the Municipal Government Act.