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Utilities Bylaw Amended

February 27, 2024

Effective Jan 1, 2024, the cost per cubic meter of water from the Henry Kroeger Regional Water Services Commission increased from $3.00 to $3.06 per cubic meter. Consequently, in the approved 2024 Budget, an adjustment in water consumption rates is included for properties within the town’s service area.

To formalize this change, Bylaw 1033-2024, known as the 2024 Municipal Public Utilities Amendment Bylaw, was approved by Council at their Feb 13, 2024 meeting. This bylaw raises the rate for water consumption to $3.06 per cubic meter.

Bylaw 1033-2024 aims to modify Bylaw 1006-2020, the Municipal Public Utilities Bylaw, which governs the management and regulation of municipal public utilities. The bylaw includes a schedule detailing rates and charges, which are adjusted through amendments. There have been four previous amendments:

  • Bylaw 1014-2021 increased the cubic meter charge to $2.89 for 2021.
  • Bylaw 1019-2021 raised the Regional Waste Fee to $44.00.
  • Bylaw 1023-2021 increased the cubic meter charge to $2.94 for 2022.
  • Bylaw 1028-2022 raised the cubic meter charge to $3.00 for 2023.

The revised rates and fees outlined in Schedule A of Bylaw 1033-2024 come into effect on Jan 1, 2024 so utility customers will see this on their next utility invoice. Notably, the minimum invoice per billing period for residential properties will remain at $140.00, with the sole adjustment being the rate for consumed water. For most commercial properties, the minimum bill per billing period will remain at $129.00. See for the breakdown in the rates.