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Home Security: Deter

June 19, 2024

Often, I am approached for guidance safeguarding against burglaries and enhancing the chances of retrieving stolen goods.  Here I will share strategies that you can use to prevent being a target and stop break-in attempts.

These strategies are based on four core principles. Deter, Impede, Alert and Summon. Deter the burglars, Impede their break-in efforts, Alert you or others of their presence, and swiftly Summon police to the scene.  In the coming weeks I will share some specific tips to support these principles.


Welcome to the first installment of the home security series focussing on deterrence. It is important to create the illusion of occupancy and to create the impression that you are home to deter potential burglars. Offenders look for signs of your absence before attempting a break-in, such as seeing no vehicles in the driveway, or closed blinds throughout the home.  Anything that you do that counters this impression will stop many thieves.  Consider having lighting on in the home that ‘makes sense’ for the time of day. Using timers can assist with this.

Next week I will explore how to impede break in efforts through strengthening home entrances.

Sergeant Rob Welsman
Hanna Detachment Commander