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Home Security: Deter and Impede

July 3, 2024

Now that we’ve looked at strategies to deter or impede against burglaries, let’s look at strategies that use both methods.

These strategies are based on four core principles. Deter, Impede, Alert and Summon. Deter the burglars, Impede their break-in efforts, Alert you or others of their presence, and swiftly Summon police to the scene.  In the coming weeks I will share more tips to support these principles.

Deter and Impede with a Nightly Routine

Use a Nightly ‘Lock-Up’ Routine – This theft prevention strategy costs nothing but does require a minute or two of your time each day.  Before turning in for the night, utilize a mental checklist to prevent theft of items on your property and unauthorized entry to your home.  Your list may be different depending on your home and property, but may include;

  1. Remove valuables from vehicles (including keys, purses and wallets) and lock your vehicles
  2. Put away high value items laying outside the home like bicycles and tools
  3. Close and lock sheds and garage doors
  4. Close and lock residential doors and windows
  5. Turn on exterior lights

A consistent nightly routine such as this will prevent the majority of theft attempts because it stops thieves from quickly and quietly accessing your belongings around your property, as well as preventing unauthorized entry to your residence.  While I recommend that you keep your doors locked whenever you are away, it is also best practice to keep them locked even when you are home, especially when you are asleep.  No one should be able to walk in your door unannounced and without warning. Burglar’s aside, the number of times throughout my career that I or my colleagues have responded to calls of intoxicated people or those suffering from dementia who have wandered into the wrong home while thinking that its their own, is surprising. 

Next week I will explore alerting yourself and authorities of a suspicious presence.

Sergeant Rob Welsman
Hanna Detachment Commander