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Municipal Enforcement: Unsightly Waste

May 3, 2024

With the warmer weather upon us, Town of Hanna Municipal Enforcement would like to remind property owners and occupants to ensure they maintain their property in accordance with the Town of Hanna Unsightly Property Bylaw and Waste Bylaw.

Here are some key points to ensure you maintain your property

  • Residents and business owners are required to mow grass and eliminate weeds including alleys, boulevards and easements.
  • Areas parallel to the alley behind your back yard fence must be free of weeds and tall grass.
  • All waste material and debris are to be removed and stored in a manner that is not considered unsightly.
  • Storage of large household items, construction materials, discarded vehicles, and household debris needs to be removed.

The Town of Hanna is planning its annual Spring Compost Pickup on May 21, 2024. More details regarding the preparation of your compost materials for pickup will be provided.

If you have a concern, you may call the Town Office or use the “Report a Concern” form available: