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Spring Compost Pick Up

Spring Compost Pick Up

Twice a year, the Town of Hanna offers to pick up compost. This year, 2024, spring pick-up is scheduled for Tues May 21.

Yard waste that has been collected into clear plastic or certified compostable bags will be picked up.

Hanna residents may put out an unlimited number of compost-filled bags by 7:00 am on May 21, 2024 in the same location as their garbage collection pick up.

Items in approved bags that will be removed include:

  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves, flowers, weeds, plants
  • Sod & soil
  • Weight of less than 50lbs & in clear or certified compostable bags

Other items that will be removed include:

  • Branches & twigs bundled and piled beside the trash cans
  • Branches & twigs too small to be bundled but bagged separately in approved bags



21 May6:00 pm2024

A support meeting for those struggling with a friend or family member who is an alcoholic.

Council Meeting

Council Meeting

11 Jun6:00 pm Free2023 2024

The public may attend or present during a scheduled public presentation. If you need more than 2 minutes, please contact the CAO in advance to be placed on the agenda.