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Serving Up Culinary Opportunities

February 26, 2024

The Hanna Community Centre kitchen is getting an upgrade thanks to funding from Prairies Can and the Harvest Sky Economic Development Corporation. Construction is in full swing and expected to wrap up by mid-March.

The initiative is a testament to community collaboration, with locals and culinary professionals contributing to the design phase to ensure that the revitalized kitchen meets the diverse needs of its users. This inclusive approach has resulted in the design of a space that prioritizes practicality, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

As the renovation progresses, the Town of Hanna is faced with surplus commercial equipment that is no longer needed from the kitchen overhaul. To repurpose these assets and recoup some of the project costs, the Town has decided to make them available for sale through a sealed bid process. The items are a Convection Oven and a Grill//Oven, both of which present an opportunity to acquire quality equipment at potentially discounted rates.

In addition to the surplus sale, the Community Centre will also offer to rent its commercial kitchen, providing a valuable resource for those who require access to such facilities for their food-handling endeavors. This offering is not a new program or resource, but rather an expansion of the existing capabilities of the Community Centre. This opens up even more opportunities for locals to pursue their culinary dreams.

The renovated kitchen is set to become a vibrant hub where residents can gather, collaborate, and celebrate rich culinary traditions. The revamped Community Centre kitchen has been a long time coming and represents a symbol of progress and vitality for the town, destined to leave a lasting impact.

Soon, we will all enjoy a whole new culinary experience at the Hanna Community Centre!

Rental information for the Hanna Community Centre: