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Municipal Enforcement: Snow and Ice

February 12, 2024

As winter blankets the town of Hanna, residents need to prioritize the timely removal of snow and ice from their property. The Town of Hanna’s regulations, particularly outlined in Section 7.1 of Bylaw #947-2009, emphasize the responsibility of property owners to clear sidewalks adjacent to their premises promptly.  This practice not only ensures compliance but also enhances community safety.

Additionally, the practice of laying power cords across public sidewalks is strictly prohibited due to its potential danger to pedestrians. To maintain community standards and uphold safety, Hanna Municipal Enforcement is intensifying patrols and when required, enforcement of its snow removal bylaw this winter.

Off-road vehicles wider than sidewalks are strongly discouraged to prevent property damage to private property and infrastructure issues. Residents are urged to use equipment specifically designed for sidewalk maintenance, such as snow blowers and shovels.

Additionally, residents must refrain from depositing snow and ice onto the streets while clearing their sidewalks and driveways. Bylaw #947-2009 underscores the responsibility of property owners to ensure that removed snow is deposited on their premises, not on public property or streets. This not only preserves the cleanliness and functionality of public streets but also minimizes blockages in the spring and obstructions to traffic.

Residents need to remember that receiving a notice at their door regarding snow removal is a friendly reminder, not a ticket.

Finally, an online “Report a Concern” form offers residents a convenient means to address any issues or concerns related to snow and ice removal. In conclusion, snow and ice removal in Hanna, Alberta, is not merely a matter of compliance but a shared responsibility for community safety and well-being. By adhering to town regulations and adopting proper snow removal practices, residents contribute to creating a safer and more accessible environment for all.