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January 22, 2024

On behalf of Council, Happy New Year and all the best to everyone. I trust that everyone was able to enjoy some quality family time and recharge their batteries for the New Year. This recent cold snap has certainly shown us we are in winter, but it will be important to get some significant moisture before the spring.

On that note the province has asked all municipalities to make some contingency plans in regards to potable water with the lack of snowfall and the drought the Province saw in 2023. This plan may put restrictions on watering of lawns, gardens, etc.

Council approved its 2024 budget at its January 9, 2024, meeting. This approval followed two separate budget meetings and with costs increasing for all goods and services Council has made the decision to approve a 2% Municipal Tax Increase. Please note this is the Municipal portion of the taxes collected and we are waiting to see the requisitions from the province for the school portion and Acadia Foundation for the Seniors Housing Requisition of which the Town has no control over. The budget will be reviewed again in the spring before setting the tax rate. This 2% increase will be the first increase in Municipal Tax since 2018 and will bring the amount collected closer to the Municipal Tax collected in 2020 but still under the municipal tax collected in 2018 & 2019. Below please find the Municipal Tax Revenue Collected since 2018:

  • 2018    $2,877,924
  • 2019    $2,873,373
  • 2020    $2,840,599
  • 2021    $2,793,684
  • 2022    $2,793,640
  • 2023    $2,798,138
  • 2024    $2,855,101

January 1, 2024, is the date the Town of Hanna Land Use Bylaw comes into effect so prior to purchasing a property, building new or an addition, please feel free to contact the office and confirm the requirements for the land use district. The Land Use Bylaw is also on the Town of Hanna website if you wish to review it on your own.

Remember to reach out to me with any concerns, issues or topics regarding the governance and operations of the Town of Hanna.

Danny Povaschuk, Mayor