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Taxes, Utilities and Pet Licensing

January 3, 2024

It’s that time of year when we are all encouraged to review our finances and prepare for the coming year’s expenses. The Town of Hanna has a few things we want you to remember. Have a look at the 4 reminders below:

Property Tax Pre-authorization

On the last working day of each month, an automatic debit will be made from your bank account.  When you are a participant in the payment plan, you are not required to make an annual tax payment as your taxes are paid in monthly installments. You will still receive your annual assessment and tax notices.  January is the best time for you to take advantage of this no-fee, hassle-free service, but ratepayers can sign up any time as long as a lump sum is received for the months missed. For example, if you sign up starting in March, you are required to pay January and February estimated payments.

Utility Pre-authorization

Handy for snowbirds and those who tend to forget to pay their bill, an automatic debit can be made from your bank for your water, sewer and waste. This one is six times a year since utilities are billed bi-monthly and drawn on the due date indicated on the invoice. You will receive your regular bi-monthly bill showing your usage details and the balance of your account.

Business License

All businesses wishing to operate or sell goods or services within the corporate limits require a Business License. Bylaw #889-2000 requires that the license be renewed annually and expires Dec. 31 of each year. Renewal requires a payment to be submitted ( and new business requires an application process.


We understand that from time to time, pets escape their own yards. This can be dangerous for both the pet and innocent bystanders, including children and other people’s pets. Licensing allows for the quick and safe return of the animal – often without fines.

Hanna’s animal control bylaw does not apply to cats, but if your dog is three months or older, it must be licensed annually. You can purchase or renew your pet license at the Town Office. In exchange, you will receive an identification tag.

License renewals are due Jan 1 of each year. Notices are sent to each registered license holder as a friendly reminder. Please review the notice carefully to ensure the civic address of your fur-friend is correct. Sometimes, people move and forget to let us know the new address. Also, please notify us immediately if your fur-friend has crossed the rainbow bridge so we may remove you from the annual renewal process.